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Retrieved from " https: The use of English quotation marks is increasing in French and usually follows English rules, for instance in situations when the keyboard or the software context doesn't allow the use of guillemets, single quotation. In Hungarian linguistic tradition the meaning of a word is signified by uniform unpaired apostrophe-shaped quotation marks:. The French Imprimerie nationale recommends double angle quotes even on the second level, though. We weren't kidding when we said there aren't many rules. They must be single quotation with non-breaking spacespreferably narrow, if available, i.

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When writing a report interview, do I put my question and reply in quotation marks? For British English you can use single quotation marks, yes. If writing in North America, double quotation marks are typically used, single quotation. When you say this will be used for directions, do you mean in a manual or something similar? In American English, periods and commas are single quotation within the closing quotation markwhether or not the punctuation is actually a part of the quoted matter. Aanhalingstekens gebruiken in het Engels. RT Rinth Thalimo Feb 15,